Frontend Web Development Training

Frontend web development  is meant for those individuals who wish to start their career as a frontend web developer, frontend engineer, web developer and  website designer building web application  and custom website with latest frontend technology stack for  companies and individual to  launch their digital products and services. Digitalspot Academy is on of the best web development training center to learn frontend web development and software development. Enroll for a frontend web development with React JS, web design  training in Lagos, Nigeria.  Get all the training you need to succeed as a professional frontend engineer.

You will learn Frontend development technologies ( HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap), React.JS, and website hosting.

Through project bases learning you will gain practical skills and knowledge that will allow you to  work on web development , and  frontend web development project.

What You Will Learn In This Frontend Web Development Training Course

In this course, you’ll learn all the fundamentals of frontend web development, web designing, React JS application to become a better frontend engineer. It will perfectly build upon your existing knowledge of basic web design and development, enabling you to become a word class Frontend web developer , website designer . Our Course outline are :

Introduction To Frontend Development

Learn the fundamental of frontend development – HTML,CSS and Bootstrap.

An Introduction to Git and Github

You will learn  more about terminal commands, create folders, Init, staging/commit, branches and use of github.

Introduction To Javascript

Learn  javascripts basics , variables,  data types, boolean logic, if/else statements, functions, objects, methods etc.

Advanced Javascripts Concepts

Learn  advance javascripts concepts like closure, identity operator vs equality operator , promises and Async wait.

Introduction To ES6

Introduction to ES6 Modules, Template strings, Javascript maps, reduce,  Javascripts destructuring, ES6 Object Literals etc.

Dom Manipulation

You will learn  document object model,  DOM Selectors, DOM events, event listener, Javascript  key codes, event reference, call back functions etc.

Getting started with ReactJS

SPA introduction,  SPA Vs  Server side rendering  client apps, React project setup, React.js overview, etc.

Advanced React.JS

Learn  React.js, react components, react class components,  react functional components, react components lifecycle, react props and state, etc.

A proven Frontend Web Development Course to get you job ready

Build a career in  software development, become a Frontend Web Developer, Frontend Engineer. Get hired by top tech companies and earn good salary. According to Glassdoor, Frontend Engineer and Frontend Web Developer earn average  salary of 4 Million Naira yearly in Nigeria and $119,224, £64,377 per year in  the USA and UK.

Learn from industry experts and build a real web application and websites project

Learn the key aspects of front-end web development from industry-expert instructors through real-time, interactive classes in an engaging physical and online classroom environment. Build a real life project and  master the tech skills companies want. Join breakout room sessions in smaller teams as part of the hands-on projects during the training, where you will collaborate and learn together. During your course, engage with your classmates and instructors in our Slack community, where you’ll receive updates and support.

Upcoming Program Date

The UI/UX Bootcamp is a 2-month program
Next Cohort start:
Physical and Virtual(Online) Live Class: February 25th, 2023
Deadline for applications: February 20th, 2023

Tuition Payment Options

Frontend Web Development Course Fee: ₦200,000
Early Bird Fee is ₦180,000, you get a 10% discount on tuition fee.

Instalment Payment is Available

Study Loan is Available (*Subject to credit check and approval. Down payment may be required)

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  • Save an extra 10% vs. Instalment payment.
  • Instructor-Led Physical and Virtual Learning(Online) Class
  • 2 Months (8 Weekends)
  • Saturdays 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Starts on February 25th, 2023
  • 100% Hands on Training
  • Certificate of completion
    Pay ₦120,000 Now, Then ₦80,000 Naira in the next payment
  • Instructor-Led Physical and Virtual Learning(Online) Class
  • 2 months (8 Weekends)
  • Saturdays 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Starts on February 25th, 2023
  • 100% Practical Class
  • Certificate of completion



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