Digitalspot Academy may at any time with or without a separate notice make changes and amendments to these Terms and Conditions, and you are encouraged to review these Terms and Conditions from time to time.

 In case of substantial changes, Digitalspot Academy will notify the users by push notice or via notice on the  website. Your continued use of the platform and services after a notice of changes has been communicated to you or published on our services shall constitute consent to the changed policy.


Admission to study any course is valid after our assessment and your payment confirmation by our enrollment officers. 


       1. 18 years old above

  1. Minimum qualification of Secondary School/Tertiary education
  2. Computer literacy 
  3. Access to computer/laptop and high speed internet connectivity
  4. Ability to speak and understand English



Upon successful registration, you must pay the stipulated fees to be able to have access to the  course.  Additional costs include, but are not limited to, costs relating to specific projects, research materials etc. where this is the case, we will promptly notify you of such costs.

Unless otherwise agreed by us, all fees must be paid by the date  set out as part of your offer of enrollment  with us.  If you fail to pay the required fees as and when due, we reserve the right to;

1.Withdraw you from your course (without further liability to you) and seek to recover any outstanding debts.

2. Exclude you from participating in all required projects.

3. Withhold your results and not issue any course or program certificates or awards.


Study loan is available to salary earners in Nigeria. Study loan is through our credit partners and they are the ones that will determine if you are qualified for the study loan.


 Upon successful registration and enrolment, you have the right to withdraw from the course of study within  One (1) week before classes commence.

Where the you seek to withdraw from the course of study  as stated above, you must send a notice of such withdrawal to outlining your reasons for withdrawal.

In all cases the date wherein we received such notice will be taken as the date of notification.


 Upon successful registration and before classes commence, you may present an application for a refund of the Fees paid pursuant to your Notice of withdrawal.

You hereby agree that where such application for refund is not submitted at least Seven (7) days before classes commence, you shall forfeit such refund.

Where you wish to drop-out of the program after classes have commenced, there shall not be a refund of the Your fees.

 However, where you drop-out due to an illness and other unforeseen circumstance, We may under such circumstances, maintain your slot for the next session at an additional cost.


Please note that change of registered courses is only permitted where you are yet to attend such classes. Once you have attended a class, you will not be permitted to change to another course.


You agree to fulfill all the academic requirements of your program in accordance with this Terms and any other contract including, but not limited to, submission of tasks and activities within the program, attendance at assessments,  and instructor-led classes.

You agree to familiarize yourself with and adhere to our rules, regulations and policies as set out in the program. You agree for any online sessions to be recorded for  our use only in line with our Privacy Policy.


Digitalspot Academy reserves the right to reschedule a course which will be duly communicated within 2 working days of the scheduled before the commencement of the class.


We may withdraw your offer and withdraw you from your course if

  1. You do not pay the required fees as and when due;
  2. You have provided false, incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information in your registration process or at any other time;
  3. You are found guilty of academic misconduct.
  4. You breach the provisions of this Terms and Conditions.


Upon successful completion of your program, you may be awarded  a Certificate of Completion. To be a recipient of Certificate of Completion, you must have at least attained a 95% attendance record and a 100% participation record.

Students who fail to attain the above, will not be awarded the necessary certificates.

Please note that we do not promise jobs to students after completion of their course/program.